AR Photoniccs Infinity Side Fiber is the next generation instrument for radial laser treatment.

Recent innovations made by Lightguide result in our best laser fiber for soft tissue laser surgery. The broad cylindrical 360° laser light emission of our Infinity Side Fiber ensures smooth and gentle laser energy delivery to the target tissue. Intravascular, intrastitial and intracutaneous laser ablation treatments can benefit from the smoother procedure and higher patient comfort.

The optimized fused fiber tip design guarantees first-class safety and durability. The optical fiber has marking lines to ease positioning in the target tissue. A compatible Introducer Set for vascular access is available.


  • Gentle energy transfer with lowest peak temperature
  • Most uniform emission
  • Cylindrical 360˚ emission profile
  • 100% direct irradiation to the target
  • Reduced sticking to tissue
  • Fused fiber tip design for highest safety

Technical details

  • Outer diameter (tip): 1.24 mm, 1.6 mm or 1.8 mm
  • Standard length: 2.5 m
  • Wavelength e.g: 980 nm – 2100 nm
  • Diffusing length: 4 mm
  • Numerical aperture: 0.22 others on request
  • Core diameter: 400 μm or 600 μm typically
  • Custom design: according to customer’s specification

Key features

  • 400 µm or 600 µm silica/silica fibers
  • silica capillary
  • SMA connector

Options upon request:

  • integration of customer’s handpiece
  • integration of customer’s RFID Chip / Dongle
  • sold sterilized (Ethylene Oxide)

Fiber optic probes for radial emission

The fiber optic probes for radial emission applications that we produce are optimized for use @1470 nm. This product is particularly suitable for phlebology and gynecology applications where a radial emission of the laser light is recommended.

Our fibers are USP Class VI certified, non-toxic, and biocompatible. Standard products use either a 400 µm or a 600 µm core all silica fiber, to suit different types of lasers and medical procedures.

The probe is equipped with the Powershot SMA connector manufactured by SEDI-ATI. This connector is specially designed for power applications of disposable probes where cost issue is important. A free-standing ferrule with an air gap around the fiber allows excellent power handling and the assembly technique avoids any stress on the fiber itself.

The most efficient design is obtained by a specific shaping of the fiber end which is enclosed in a silica capillary. The result is an annular emission of the laser energy for homogenous action on the vein wall.

Ring fibers with a capillary assembly at the distal end are jacketed with a biocompatible material. This jacket has a cm marking to help visualize the fiber introduction in the vein.


  • Biocompatible materials.
  • Packaged, stored, and used in a clean environment.
  • Production workshop certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485.
  • CE certification according to Directive 93/42, CE number: CE 0476.
  • Sold sterilized (Ethylene Oxide) upon request, and in a double bag.

Internal Qualification Reports (RQ150511 for RING fiber 400 µm and RQ150703 for RING fiber 600 µm): power handling of 400 Joules per cm on a tissue length of 80 cm @ 1470 nm.
Destructive test with 5000 J in the same volume of tissue creating a big hole + carbonization layer on the surface tip but not disconnecting the capsule.
Traction of the fiber tip of 10 Kgs.