Innovative water-cooled flexible conduit ECO-100F-2022

  • Various models meet the treatment of diseases in different parts of the veins of the lower extremities
  • Innovative and scientific; high thermal efficiency, suitable for intracavitary ecology, clearly visible under ultrasound, close to clinical operation wholeheartedly

Working principle and technical advantages of microwave ablation

Under the guidance of imaging equipment, a disposable microwave ablation needle is punctured percutaneously to the tumor site. The polar molecules in the tissue move at high speed under the action of the microwave field, rub each other to generate heat, and heat up rapidly in the tumor. When the temperature reaches At around 60°C, tumor cell proteins denature and coagulate, leading to irreversible necrosis. The denatured tumor cells will be swallowed by macrophages, lymphocytes, etc., thus completing the whole process of tumor ablation.

Minimally invasive and efficient

Only the size of a needle eye, local inactivation of the lesion, efficient and thorough

Little damage

Preserve organ function, reduce complications, and ensure the quality of life of patients

Wide application

Applicable to the treatment of various solid tumors


It can be combined with various treatment methods such as surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to improve the curative effect

Activate immunity

Can activate the body’s immune response to tumors and improve patient immunity


Microwave ablation technology has been successfully applied to various solid tumors including liver cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, thyroid, breast cancer, etc. invasive treatment.

                    Lung cancer


                    Breast cancer

                     Liver cancer