Super minimally-invasive ultrasound lipolysis by cavitation effect with selective fat targeting

AR Photoniccs Laser for Liposuction and Lipolysis

Laser powered by the 1470nm diode device along with recent innovations brings the cutting edge technology to Tumescent Liposuction, including targeted fat removal with minimal bleeding and bruising with less physician exertion and a faster recovery in patients.

The Laser system consists of a 1470nm wavelength device, which specifically targets fat-water absorption with the combined capability of infiltration and suction. The device has an integrated cannula and fiber interface for simultaneous lasing and suction.

AR Photoniccs device is most beneficial in the treatment for efficient fat-emulsification and removal of fatty tissues.

The unique radial and bare emitting fiber of the device helps in wider and even-heat emission distribution, with precise temperature control capabilities. The results are improved skin tightening, reduced procedure time, high-fat viability for successful grafting and superior clinical results.

Who Can Use AR Photoniccs Device for

AR Photoniccs Laser for Liposuction and Lipolysis

  • General Surgeons
  • Plastic Surgeons
  • Cosmetic Surgeons
  • Aesthetic Surgeons

AR Photoniccs introduces cutting edge technology to the field of liposuction and lipolysis with the help of AR Photoniccs 1470 nm laser diode. When used for Liposuction, the device performs targeted fat removal with minimal fat bleeding and bruising with minimal exertion by the surgeon and fast recovery by patients.

The AR Photoniccs 1470 nm device is specifically used to target fat-water absorption with the combination of infiltration and suction. The AR Photoniccs  1470 nm has a liposuction cannula and an integrated fibre interface for simultaneous lasing and suction.

The unique radial fibres of the AR Photoniccs  1470 nm device helps with wide and even heat-emission and distribution with precise temperature control capabilities. This results in improved skin tightening, reduced procedure time, high-fat viability for successful grafting and superior clinical results.

The AR Photoniccs  1470 nm laser diode has proven to be highly efficient in fat emulsification and removal of fatty tissues.

Optimal Wavelength for Laser Lipolysis and Liposuction

The wavelength of 1470 nm is the optimal for laser lipolysis as it precisely targets water in the soft tissues. The AR Photoniccs 1470 nm proves to be significantly useful in fat removal with minimum tissue damage because of a higher absorption rate of water and fat as compared to other competing devices.

The advantages of using the AR Photoniccs 1470 nm are as follows:

  • Optimized fat removal with minimum tissue damage
  • Secondary effect of the laser technology is skin tightening which is direct consequence of the photothermal effect stimulating neo-collagenesis.
  • Laser lipolysis with 1470 nm is a complete procedure in itself especially when done on the facial area and other small areas. However, some larger surfaces may need further liposuction.
  • Laser Lipolysis targets the water molecules which is an atraumatic and less painful with minor hematomas and edema of the skin.

Applications of the AR Photoniccs for Lipolysis and Liposuction

  1. Upper Eyelid – Blepharochalasis.

  2. Lower eyelid – Lacrimal sacs.

  3. Cheeks – Chubby cheeks.

  4. Chin-Double chin.

  5. Neck -Turkey neck.

  6. Upper arm – Arm flab, Batwings.

  7. Breast – Breast lift.

  8. Abdomen – Belly fat.

  9. Back – Flank fat.

  10. Hips – Love handles.

  11. Buttocks – Cellulite.

  12. Thigh – Inner and outer thigh Saddlebags

  13. Lipodema – Sagging knee fat.

Laser liposuction and lipolysis is a cosmetic surgical procedure to reshape and slim specific areas of the body by removing excess fat deposits and improving body contours.

This procedure is also called body contouring.
This laser liposuction and lipolysis procedure can be performed on any part of the body, where the fat deposit usually accumulates and is difficult to remove even after a healthy exercise and diet regimen.

The advanced laser technology used in the AR Photoniccs has made the liposuction procedure a safe and easy procedure with minimal post-operative trauma.

This makes AR Photoniccs one of best laser diode devices in India and most recommended by the liposuction experts of India.

Advantages of Liposuction and Lipolysis by AR Photoniccs

  1. Less post-operative tissue swelling
  2. Minimal bleeding during the proceduren 
  3. No bleeding or edema after the procedure
  4. Clear view of the operation site
  5. Minimal side effects of the operation
  6. Outpatient procedure with only local anaesthesia
  7. Short rehabilitation – only day care stay at the hospital
  8. Optimum protection of the surrounding tissue
  9. Long lasting tissue firming
  10. Nominal complications and minor side-effects
  11. Risk of infection
  12. No scarring
Benefits of Laser Liposuction with AR Photoniccs

• Safe fat removal
• Improved self-esteem and confidence
• Enhanced health due to loss of unwanted fat
• Well-shaped parts of body which could not be achieved even after exercise and healthy diets
• Improved blood circulation due to reduced pressure on the blood cells

Features of the AR Photoniccs

The AR Photoniccs nm is the latest entrant in the field of the surgical lasers used for lipolysis. But what makes it the best laser diode of India for liposuction and skin grafting treatments?

Here are some of the most unique features of the AR Photoniccs that make it the best laser liposuction machine:

Skin-Safe Fiber

The Ar Photonccs brings together the radial and bare fibre technology into the device. This device uses the laser emission technology to achieve significant success in liposuction and skin grafting treatments. The laser emission technology is a low power density approach in the liposuction that comes with many benefits such as: o Minimal risk of burns o Even distribution of energy throughout the treatment o Quicker removal of fat cells o Larger tissue coverage allowing for the lesser duration of the procedure

The use of radial fibres allows for safe, homogenous and efficient skin tightening by the end of the procedure.

Liposuction Cannula

The Liposuction cannula included in the AR Photoniccs kit helps break up the fatty tissue for easy suction and removal. In areas with dense and fibrous adipose tissue, small and precise oscillations allow surgeons to target specific areas safely without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Combined with simultaneous lasing and suction, the liposuction cannula allows the surgeons to remove fat quickly and easily with lesser manual force. As a result, there is less bruising and shorter recovery time, thus making it a more comfortable experience with both the surgeons and the patients.

How it works

Tumescent fluid for local anesthesia is injected into body and the high frequency vibrations of ultrasound probes cause gas bubbles within tumescent fluid to expand and collapse, dislodging fat cells and mixing them into the infiltration fluid. Emulsified fat is easily removed via suction cannulas, then remodeling and revascularization of the preserved tissue promotes skin retraction.

Accessory & Feature

Sound wave is the energy transmitted from the vibration between mediums

Ultrasound is sound waves which hashigher frequency than frequency of human hearing Application in Medical Equipment from Diagnostic to HIFU(High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) for tumor removal.


Ultrasound history

-SONAR(Sound Navigation And Ranging) in WW Ⅱ
: Send waves into body which are reflected at the interfaces between tissue
: Return time of the waves tells us of the depth of the reflecting surface
-First used as diagnostic tool in 1942 for localizing brain tumors
-1950’s 2D gray scale images
-1965 or so real-time imaging


Wavelength is the distance between sound waves(mm)
Amplitude is the maximum intensity of the wave
Frequency is the rate at which sound waves repeat themselves(cycles/s)


•Reduce weight
•Not tissue selective (Avulsion)
•Large Volume liposuction
•General anesthesia


•Reshapingof a patient’s figure (silhouette)
•Easier application
•Safer solution
•Faster result
•Lipo-selective lipolysis
•Superficial lipolysis
•Local anesthesia

Main body (portable)
-7 inch wide screen
-1xhand piece port on front panel
-2x foot switch ports on back panel
-Operating mode control buttons
Hand piece (with cable)
-E/O gas & autoclave sterilization
-258g for easier stroke with heaviness
-Designed so as not to slip during stroke
Blunt and grooved titanium probes
-1.9Ø(105mm length)
-2.9Ø(290mm length)
-3.7Ø(305mm length)
-1, 2 and 3 grooves

How does AR Photoniccs work?

A. Local anesthesia

The fatty layer is injected with tumescent fluid.

B. AR Photoniccs

The high-frequency vibrations of ultrasound probes cause gas bubbles within the tumescent fluid to expand and collapse, dislodging fat cells and mixing them into the infiltration fluid.

C. Aspiration

Emulsified fat is easily removed via suction cannulas.

D. Skin retraction

Remodeling and revascularization of the preserved tissue promote skin retraction.

Applications & Probe choose


Definitely less fatigue

From deep to superficial treatment for precise contouring

Make secondary case easier and safer

Reduce chance of irregularities

Easier applications : face to body and special area like high-definition, gynecomastia and osmidrosis


Less bleeding / swelling / bruising

It helps surgeon to easily perform on difficult area

Faster & Better results : selective lipolysis preserving other connective tissues

Key Advantages

•Ultrasound energy of Liposoundis designed to disrupt only fat based on the tissue strength.

•Minimal damage of other important tissues like nerves and blood, vessels and connective tissues.
⇒3 LESS(bleeding, pain, swelling)
•Easier aspiration due to selectively emulsified fat tissues.
⇒Physician’s fatigue decrease
•Various applications with versatile probes : Face, body and special cases such as six-pack surgery, gynecomastia and osmidrosis.
•Optimal for secondary(revision) surgery and fibrous superficial layer.
•Nomechanical vibration ⇒no burden for next treatment right after liposoundlipolysis.

A : Ultrasound energy makes only fat emulsification (bubble effect) without damage of nerves, blood vessels, muscles and other connective tissues, So there is much less bleeding and much less pain.

A : there is no burn in the inner part.

A : 1. Spreading normal saline by syringe on incision site
2. Using wet gauze on incision site
3. Using hard type protector

A : Garment is very helpful for more satisfactory result.

A : Bubble effect of AR Photoniccs can make local anesthesia because of its fat focused energy(only fat emulsification without damages of other tissue; nerve, blood vessel, muscle).

A : Guide using time of Liposoundis 1min/100cc of tumescent but End point is No resistance of probe.

A : No. Traditional Ultrasound equipment has seromafrom unnecessary power. But Liposoundhas efficient power
for fat emulsification without damages of other tissue. But Frictional seromacan be possible if too many
strokes happen in superficial layer.

A : Rarely, because AR Photoniccs lipo-sculpture use emulsification not avulsion which can make an irregularity.

A : Laser burns the fat and it makes carbonization.
Ultrasound emulsifies selectively the fat tissues.

A : Yes, AR Photoniccs concentrates 2 layers: superficial layer and middle layer and then aspirate with SAL. Then PAL type can be used in only deep layer which has little effect of bleeding and irregularity.


SmartLipo PAL Power Assisted Surgical Liposuction Machine BS-LIPS5S

Introducing the SmartLipo PAL Power Assisted Surgical Liposuction Machine BS-LIPS5S from LUMSAIL MEDICAL.

Liposuction, or suction lipectomy, is a surgical procedure to sculpt specific areas of the body by removing body fat from underneath the skin. Liposuction can rid you of specific patches of fat, such as saddlebags and love handles, and sculpt areas such as under the chin, upper arms, knees, calves and outer breast area. Liposuction is not intended for weight loss, although many people mistakenly believe it is.

Liposuction/fat-suction system with electric-vibration is a comprehensive body building device with adjustable vacuum pressure, syntonous system of cool-air inner-circulation frequency modulation, positive-pressure adjustable peristaltic water-injection system and hard parts frosted system. Adopting advanced technology and imported spared parts with elaborate manufacturing, such device can provide plastic surgeons with professional and excellent fat-absorbing and body-building equipment.

The SmartLipo PAL Power Assisted Surgical Liposuction Machine BS-LIPS5S Features

  • One-way oil-free vacuum pump
  • With portable cool-air inner-circulation frequency modulation
  • Hard parts frosted system is both good at milling bone structures
  • Adjustable peristaltic water-injection system
  • No heat generation during operation, no radiation and scald.
  • Handle-made choice to crack emulsified lipocytes
  • High resonant frequency and high speed of fat absorbing with high efficiency
  • Well-distributed fat-absorbing process, flat operation positions, very light pains and quick recovery.

The SmartLipo PAL Power Assisted Surgical Liposuction Machine BS-LIPS5S Benefits

  • Power Assisted Liposuction System was shown to provide the greatest preservation of surrounding tissues and septal fibers.
  • Vibration dampening technology makes Power Assisted Liposuction more comfortable than imitations.
  • Power Assisted Liposuction System does not use heat, like lasers or ultrasound energy which can damage cells and injure patients.
  • Power Assisted Liposuction System is powered by a strong electric console, so it won’t bog down like air-powered devices.
  • Handpiece vibration speed: 3800rpm
  • Infusion (injection) speed: max 26L per hour

The SmartLipo PAL Power Assisted Surgical Liposuction Machine BS-LIPS5S Specifications

  • Input Voltage: 115/230 Volt at 50-60Hz
  • Suction performance: Up to 60L/min
  • Maximum vacuum: -0.9Bar / 686 mmHG
  • Flow rate infiltration pump: 2 to 22 L/h
  • Maximum pressure: 5 Bar
  • Conform cannula stroke:0 mm
  • Conform cannula frequency: 3600 Strokes/min
  • Conform cannula motor: Electronic motor, autoclavable

The SmartLipo PAL Power Assisted Surgical Liposuction Machine BS-LIPS5S including

  • Vibration handpiece (electric)
  • The main unit
  • Suction needle kit (5 different size cannulas as 1 kit)
  • Injecting system (including tubing & needle)
  • Storage bottle (2000ml x 2pcs)
  • High Particulate filter
  • Pedal switch

Additional information

Input Power

300 W


≥180 L/min (at vacuum pressure of 0.09 Mpa)

Capacity Of Storage Bottle

2000 ml