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Introduction to AR Photoniccs Laser

AR Photoniccs is the industry leader when it comes to the efficient and portable surgical laser diodes. AR Photoniccs comes with a reputation of providing a long-lasting and high-quality product of European standards. The equipment comes with high precision and advanced technology support from best suppliers across the globe.

Why the AR Photoniccs Laser Diode?

Introduction to AR Photoniccs Laser

Sleek and convenient suitcase to carry all the accessories along wherever you go

Large Touch-Screen LCD Multilingual Display

Large screen to accommodate all the parameters of the chosen procedure without having to scroll in any chosen language


Secure Functionalities: Device programmed to detect any faults in the apparatus, pinpoint the user to the actual fault, and provide the means to exit the situation without mishaps

Customized Programmes

Inbuilt pre-programmed settings along with the flexibility to customize for unique circumstances

Low Operating Cost

Easily available accessories in bulk at low cost, thus reducing the operating costs by a huge margin

Patient Data Storage

Vast database to store data of more than 2000 patients with the user-friendly procedure to store and retrieve the same

AR Photoniccs

Applications of the AR Photoniccs

AR Photonoccs laser diode. The best and the most lightweight surgical laser diode to enter the global medical device scene, the AR Photonoccs Smart M laser diode uses cutting edge technology to perform various medical procedures such as proctological , varicose vein , cosmetic gynaecological ,Lipolysis, ENT, PLDD and so on to obtain the best results in the least amount of time WITH MINIMAL INVASIVE PROCEDURES Using cutting edge laser technology, the AR Photonoccs laser diode provides results with least side effects and almost no pain in the post-operative.


What’s so great about AR Photoniccs?

Each part of the AR Photoniccs equipment comes from reputed suppliers:

Quality Assurance by

 AR Photoniccs

  • Assured Quality at Reasonable Price
  • Comprehensive Warranty of 2 years
  • Quick troubleshooting
  • Rapid and excellent support for surgeons in best possible manner

IMPORTANT: AR Phptoniccs DOES NOT charge the customers for calibration of unit. It is an online process conducted directly from the Headquarters and doesn’t require physical visit to the site.

Calibration Processes

AR Photoniccs 

Calibration is a common method of annual inspection to ensure that the equipment provides accurate readings to the doctors/surgeons, therefore ensuring effective treatment.

While the AR Photoniccs equipment doesn’t strictly require calibration, it is definitely a recommended feature of all the AR Photoniccs Equipment.

Keeping the same in mind, all the AR Photoniccs equipment is pre-programmed to periodically remind the users of the International Rules and Regulations. The doctor or the surgeon may opt to go for the automatic calibration or stop the reminders.

Application of Dental Laser

Bloodless soft tissue surger | Excellent in EndodonticLaser treatmen | Periodontal treatment | LLLT / Biostimulation | Teeth whitening

Advantages of Laser Technology

Minimally Invasive, No Bleeding, No Swelling, No anesthesia
Less or No Pain
No Suturing
Less drug intervention
More Comfortable Surgical Procedures, Better Patient Complaience
Minimal Postoperative Discomfort
Faster Healing
Efficient teeth Whiting, with No or Minimun sensitivity

Fiber Technology

Fiber optics is the technology used to transmit information as pulses of light through strands of fiber made of glass or plastic over long distances.

Flexible Fiber | Autoclavable Re-useble tips | Radial Tips

Muti-functional handpiece

– Easy replacement for diferent tips
– One Handpiece many applications

Intuitive interface

– 5.5 Inches Large touch screen display
for easy navigation.
– More than 40 Preset Programs
for quick & error free aplications.

Ergonomic Design

Designed for easy mobility and portability

Li-on rechargeable battery

For nonstop working in every conditions

Fiber tips

Autoclavable/ Re-useble fiber tips for precise and immediate treatments

Safe cable storage

For nonstop working in every conditions

One Machine Many Treatment Options

– Pulpotony
– Root Canal Disinfection
– Apex Decontamination
– Pulp Capping

– Biostimulation
– Dentin Desensitization
– Hypersensitivity
– Aphtae | Cheilitis

– Pocket decontamination
– Gum recession treatment
– Inflammation reduction
– Flapless Periodontitis

– Crown lengthing
– Gingival retraction for impressions
– Carries Detection

– Peri-implantitis
– Implant exposure
– Removal of granulation tissue

– Teeth Whitening
– Gums Depigmentation
– Lip Remodeling

– Jaw Locking
– Trismus
– Frozen Shoulders
– Tenis Elbow

– Biopsy
– Crown lengthening
– Excision of lesions
– Exposure of unerupted / partially eruped teeth
– Fibroma removal
– Frenectomy

– Gingival incision & excision- Incisions and draining of abscesses
– Leukoplakia
– Operculectomy
– Papillectomy
– Tissue retraction for impressions
– Vestibuloplasty

Technical Specifications

Laser Module : Micro-optical integrated laser diodes
Wavelength : 650nm+980nm
Power : 200mW+10w
Operating Modes : Continuous Wave(CW)/Pulsed
Display : 5-inch HD display
Control Software : RTOS
Fiber Connection : SMA905(Direct Connect of Medical Fiber : >=200μm)
Aiming Beam : 650nm<2mW, adjustable density
Weight : <= 2KG 
Bettery Capacity :  3000mAh
Cooling : Silent cooling fan + Multi-channel copper tube Electronic cooling:

Meets the following standard

Hardware: IEC 60601-1:2005+A1:2012
IEC 60601-1-2:2014
IEC 60601-2-22:2012
IEC 60825-1:2014
Software: IEC 62304:2015
Biological evaluation: ISO 10993-1:2018
Battery test: IEC 62133-2:2017